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How To Converse With Women

Effective communication between men and women is an issue of the ages. The inclusion of broadband Internet in today's society has become beneficial in terms of improved communication of the sexes. However, it also has its disadvantages, countless men have been using the Internet to converse with women instead of talking to them personally.

When it comes to conversing with women, whatever weaknesses you perceive yourself to have should be aided by this article. Let.s start by understanding the golden rule of communication between men and women. This rule applies to not only dating, but any relations you.ll ever have in your entire life with any other human being: Men like to solve problems; women like to talk about their problems.

Consider this common exchange between a man and his spouse:

Wife: "Ugh, I really cannot tolerate working with the women in my office anymore."

Husband: "So put in some applications in to other businesses."

Wife: "Well it's not that simple! This job pays well and between you and the kids, I really don't have time to be running around searching for a new job!.

Husband: "So figure out how to get along with the women in your office!"

Wife: "You just don't get it". *leaves the room*

In this situation, the wife is right. The husband just does not get it! He doesn't understand that his wife wants him to listen to her problems, rather than try to solve them. Let's try this exchange again. Notice how this time around the husband is a supportive listener, and does not try to solve the wife's problem:

Wife: "Ugh, I really cannot tolerate working with the women in my office anymore."

Husband: "Wow, you sound exasperated. What happened to make you feel that way?"

Wife: "Well, you won.t believe this, but today Carrie was on the phone with her sister for TWO HOURS all while I did her share of the work!"

Husband: "Haha, I don.t suppose your boss is planning on giving you Carrie.s pay for those two hours, huh? That.s gotta be frustrating."

Wife: "Oh completely! It feels so unsatisfying knowing I'm making less than her too since she's been there for three years longer."

Husband: "Well at least you've got my nine-incher to come home to every night, right? Wanna go have sex?"

Wife: "Sure!!"

Okay, I took a few liberties with those last two lines, but I think you get the point. See how much easier the two got along when the man simply listened to his wife rather than trying to solve her problems? This is how to talk to women. Let them elaborate on their emotions. The beauty part is: you don't even have to say anything, you can just sit there and let them talk (notice I didn't even say you had to listen), and they'll think you're the sweetest guy in the world. Just be sure to feed them a softball from time to time so they can continue to ramble on about their feelings.